I will not be blogging as regularly in the coming weeks as I need to focus on my online course!

I will still probably post pics of some upcoming trips we are planning though.  More Backpacking and hiking adventures in the Rocky Mountains! (Including one bike ride!)

I am also starting to make plans for my return to Europe… and starting to think about where I want to spend Christmas – last year I was in Italy – I am not sure where I will end up this year yet!

So stay posted for those.

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Online Learning

I am working on upgrading my education!

It has been something I have been wanting to pursue for a number of years but it was a challenge to find the right program that allowed me the flexibility of my lifestyle. Something that would allow me to travel internationally and still be able to do the course.

3 Issues to consider

  • Internet – good enough for video conferencing, just video, chat programs, able to do research etc
  • Time Zones – it would really suck it I had to be involved in video lectures live time at 3:00am every week – one time OK – but not on a consistent schedule!
  • Part time of full time

I believe I have found a good balance in the course I have chosen.

It is from a University in California, a reasonable price for what I am receiving. It is part time . They do video lectures (nothing live) expect participation in discussion but again not live. A good syllabus and multiple ways to hand in assignments – email, video, forums etc. Which is great depending on how fast internet would be.

So, this new adventure will be lasting the year. At the moment I am still very much adjusting in regards to my schedule – for now I am glad I am in Canada. Once I am more use to what is expected and how much work I need to do… I will be heading overseas once again.

Hooray for online learning!


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Learning Through Shock!

I have been in Canada for almost a month now.

Usually after that time I am well adjusted and most things do not surprise me anymore in regards to the differences between a North American life and European one.

The other day though in a large box store where you can buy almost anything.
I had gotten all I wanted and was wandering my way to the check outs and I was suddenly very shocked and amazed at the vastness of this store. Shocked.

That shock brought so many questions with it which sent me on a little adventure of doing some research as I wanted to know more details about where the idea of big box stores came from. — My goal is not to be negative in this. It is to just learn. To learn about factors that made things like they are today. Continue reading

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And Back Again!

We had a great time in the Rocky Mountains!

The adventure started with getting a flat tire at the information centre (where we bought our backcountry passes. My brothers fixed that and we were on the road again.

At the trail head we readjusted one last time, snapped pictures and started up! Continue reading

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Into the Wilderness

I am venturing out into some new to me adventures.

Since I have started walking the more I want to do…So I am starting an adventure in backpacking!

This week I am headed into the Rocky Mountains with some family members, we are hiking into a back country campground, we will be gone for 2 nights. It is a beginners trip, so it will be nothing too strenuous – really it is just to get our feet wet(quite literally as fain is in the forecast.)! Continue reading

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Looking Back – Growing up

Underneath the tip of Alaska, the north west coast of British Columbia,is where I grew up.

It is called the Northern Rain forest –  with good reason for the RAIN part in that!

Rivers, forests, fishing, hunting, lakes, mountains – these were the things of my childhood.

Wild meat is a taste I know as I grew up eating probably mostly moose, deer meat and salmon.

I took a moose heart to school with me for show and tell… it had been cut out the night before and was still warm. I thought it was amazing… so did a lot of my classmates – my teacher was not so happy. Continue reading

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Canada vs The Netherlands

Someone recently asked me what differences there are between life in The Netherlands versus life in Canada.

There is so much to say.

I did NOT however answer so quickly but took my time to think about it. There are lots of differences but also lots that is similar. Continue reading

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A Short Poem

Three Things to Remember

As long as you`re dancing, you can
break the rules.

Sometimes breaking the rules is just
extending the rules.

Sometimes there are no rules.

 – Mary Oliver, ‘A Thousand Mornings’



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Thinking too Much: Transition

A simplified definition: Transition is change from one position to another.

Some of them are natural, we anticipate them, prepare for them.

  • High school to College or University.
  • Getting your first job.

Just to name a few.

Of course even when it comes to those expected transitions you can not prepare fully for it but you still have a good idea of what is coming.

There are also many unexpected transitions that happen in our lives.

  • Death of a loved one
  • Illness
  • Loss of a job

A list that can continue…

Continue reading

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Everything is new once again!

That is how I feel being in Canada at the moment.

It is all so familiar and yet so new. Meals prepared that I have not had since the last time I was here… so its new.

Going into storesthat they do not have in Europe… Walmart – Indigo – Winners – Co-op – All of it, it feels new…

I am excited about all the firsts … this time I am here!

Driving is always an adjustment. I do not have a car in Europe so once I am back in Canada and have regular access it always takes my head a while to remember, to get back into the flow once again.

Driving around town… but then driving on the freeway… all different steps to be made. I know I know how… but it feels like I am starting from the beginning all over again!

I am almost certain I already got a parking ticket – it will be coming for me in the mail!
I misread the signs and gave up in trying to figure it all out so I would not be late for my appointment!

Today my new thing was in Tim Hortons – this is a very big coffee shop chain in Canada and I ate Timbits – YUM! (they are meatball size donuts that come in different flavours!)

Yesterday was seeing and connecting with a friend, always a good time!

10 days in… 11 weeks to go!

Enjoying it all while I can!

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