He hit me

A lot more serious of a post then I usually add… this topic is important and needs to be talked more about.

domestic violence3

I don’t want to write this.

Like AT ALL.

But, for the past few weeks, the Lord has been waking me up at night churning in me to write about this.

Because He’s in love with us.

He’s in love with me.

He’s in love with you.

And this is something I can’t be quiet about.

So (deep breath) here it goes…

Many years ago (I won’t get into how long ago – you might think I’m old) 😉 I was in a relationship with a guy I was crazy about. He was everything I wanted. Except….he had a temper. And at times would become violent.

The outbursts weren’t horrible at first (well, maybe they were but I was too young to understand what was happening at the time). Each time they became more and more violent. More scary. More threatening. More damaging – emotionally and physically.

But, I loved…

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